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  • Ready to ride? Find ski equipment, clubs, resorts, lessons and other info. Members area, photo and video contests and clubs.
  • The Canadian Amputee Hockey Committee is about grit, resolve and courage on the ice. The Canadian Amputee Hockey Team is a remarkable group of athletes, and Canadian Hockey's best-kept secret.
  • Empowering kids and adults with special needs. The Buddy Bike is an alternative to tandem cycling, tag-a-longs, trikes and infant seats, offering adaptive recreational and therapeutic activity and the thrill of riding a bicycle.
  • By supporting and promoting Canada’s high-performance athletes with a disability, the Canadian Paralympic Committee works to inspire all Canadians with a disability to get involved in sport.
  • Eco-friendly, carbon free, safe, portable personal transportation solutions for your commuting and commercial needs. Customizable, electric, lightweight, Personal Transportation Vehicles (PTV).
  • A great resource for all kinds of summer and winter parasports. From the Ready, Willing & Able program to a slick annual magazine, find the sport for you right here.
  • I am Unlimbited. But you can call me Kim. I have opinions, unconventional ones to some. Not to me. It’s other people’s attitudes that are my biggest obstacle. Check out my questionable advice.
  • Come discover the most inclusive and family-friendly fitness, sports and life skills facility in Toronto.
  • Spins. Skids. Spills and thrills. That's what makes Wheelchair Basketball so exciting. From street and schoolyard courts to the Paralympic stage, this is a sport that anyone can play.

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