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Care4You. Compassion Fatigue 2016

Gluckstein Lawyers have partnered with Françoise Mathieu and the Care4You Conference 2016 as the presenting sponsor for the first Toronto Care4You Conference.

SAVE THE DATE l   June 2, 2016

Care4You is a conference that educates about the importance of personal-care strategies and provides solutions to reduce the negative consequences of working in high stress and trauma environments.

This year's event will be held at the stunning Allstream Centre (CNE grounds) in Toronto.

In your role as helping professionals, your work can have a profound personal emotional and physical effect. High-stress and trauma-exposed work often results in increased risk for stress and burnout. Ultimately, leading to the gradual erosion of all the qualities that keep us connected to others: our empathy, hope and most importantly our compassion.

Gluckstein Lawyers appreciates the importance of understanding compassion fatigue after hosting symposiums on this topic for more than a decade. We are honoured to be the presenting sponsor for this year's Care4You event and to promote the work of Françoise Mathieu who was our first Compassion Fatigue Symposium Presenter in 2005. We continue to be committed to supporting the professional development for helping professionals and caregivers.

For more about the event and registration assistance.

We hope to see you at Care4You 2016!

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