It represents one billion persons with disabilities spending billions in travel and lifestyle dollars in economies all over the world. Yet, these people are rarely seen or acknowledged in advertising and editorial images. Why is a small, yet powerful and growing segment of society not being seen or represented as customers?

Increasing the positive imagery of persons with disabilities and who use mobility devices such as wheelchairs, canes, walkers, guide dogs etc., will not only encourage further inclusion by increasing awareness that we want to participate and should be equally accommodated, but will help to eliminate the fear and negative stereotyping that so often permeates all levels of society.

Once people with disabilities we are represented by a true and complete reality of their lives; going on dates, enjoying activities and recreational facilities with their families, on the job, on vacation, participating in sports, going shopping, enjoying a glass of wine, a good restaurant, and all the good things life has to offer, it will be understood and accepted that these people should be provided accommodations and consideration that recognizes how valuable their contribution really is to all these industries.

Our image gallery, intends to increase awareness of the value in maintaining and making structural and attitudinal changes, it will encourage and sustain the participation of those with differing abilities around the world. We encourage you, as industry leaders, and professionals who make editorial and creative decisions to take a good look at how you can incorporate inclusion images and a welcoming message to this significant market.

Browse the photo gallery and become inspired by these images, purchase those you feel represent your customers, or contact us if you would like to create a custom photo statement representing your specific interests and properties. We can provide just the concept, or anything from a marketing analysis, to the models, to the authentic and realistic portrayal of who people with disabilities really are.


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