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We are the new media source for active, healthy living information specific to the needs of upper and lower extremity amputees. From the publishers of Active Living magazine, the disability community’s leading lifestyle publication for over 20 years, Thrive is all about healthy lifestyle for those with limb loss or limb differences.

"As an amputee," shares publisher Jeff Tiessen, "I am well aware of the importance of physical activity from physiological standpoint – for residual limb strength, core and back strength – as well as its many psychological and social benefits. ‘Physical activity’ can mean many different things, not just conventional ‘exercise and fitness routines’.”

Thrive provides an abundance of health and activity options for amputees of various ages and abilities levels… a great “remedy” for good health for North America’s prosthetists and orthotists to “dispense” to amputees.

Skin Care. Fitness with Diabetes. Exercise. Aging. Prosthetic Componentry. Sports. Recreation. Leisure. Maintenance Tips. Inspiration. Peer Support. Resources. And much more.


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