Fully Accessible Barbados

An initiative of the Barbados Council for the Disabled.


The Fully Accessible Barbados 'FAB' program is an initiative of the Barbados Council for the Disabled. This program recognizes the importance of accessibility in order to achieve the truly inclusive society, which is part of our vision.

FAB encourages and facilitates inclusive tourism. Our main purpose is to raise the quantity and the quality of services available to tourists with disabilities by accrediting those properties and facilities that provide accessible services. It's more than that too. FAB now serves as an accessible tour rep, providing transportation from the airport and to attractions, wheelchair rentals, and a robust listing of hotels restaurants and attractions detailing their levels of accessibility

The achievement of any long-term goal is never easy; changing the landscape of an entire community is a monumental and somewhat daunting task. The realization of the goals and objectives for the Fully Accessible Barbados program encompasses a dream to see a Barbados which fully appreciates the needs of its citizens and visitors with challenges.

Fully Accessible Barbados
Harambe House
The Garrison, St. Michael
Telephone: +246-427-8136