Glowing Hearts

The Power of the Human Spirit


Glowing Hearts is a one-of-a-kind book series for young readers about the power of sport. It's for kids of all abilities.

Kids will learn and grow as they discover inspiring stories from Paralympic athletes, and other kids just like them. Glowing Hearts celebrates physical differences and cheers physical activity for all kids.

Compelling 64-page hard cover books for young readers ages 9 to14, these extraordinary books are rich with contributions from young writers, interviewers and video journalists making them relevant and real for young readers.

Readers will learn and grow from Canada’s athletes with physical disabilities – from young sports enthusiasts like themselves, to elite Paralympic athletes who competed in Beijing or Vancouver.

Focusing on adapted sport and recreation opportunities for youth with disabilities, the book is a tremendous resource for parents, schools, rehab centres, prosthetic facilities, youth organizations and disability associations serving youth with disabilities.

Diversity, literacy, character education, ParaSport and promotion of physical activity and healthy living are its cornerstones.


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