Tap2Tag Medical Alert is a Life Saver

The same technology that lets you pay for your coffee will also save your life! Smartphones outfitted with NFC (near – field communications) could see a jump in shipments from 416 million to 1.2 billion in the next four years, says research firm IHS Technology. Tap2tag Medical Alert wristbands are embedded with the new NFC technology designed for use with smartphones.

Most smartphones have the technology now, and it’s anticipated that by the end of 2016 virtually all new smartphones will have it. In an emergency, after calling 911, any passerby with an NFC-enabled smartphone can “tap” the patient’s tap2tag device to access emergency information... such as allergies, medical conditions like diabetes and heart conditions, etc., or medications they may need.

First responders and paramedics can activate tap2tag medical on arrival, gaining vital, potentially lifesaving information about the patient. In many situations, identifying critical medical information immediately can increase the chances of a positive outcome.

More at www.tap2tag.ca.