Online Dating Advice

Dating sites aren’t always that easiest to navigate, especially if you haven’t used one before. So, If you are currently using an online dating service, or planning to in the future, here are some great tips that will help you be successful at finding someone.

Have a Game Plan. Know what you want, and don’t be afraid to say it (in your profile that is). If you have decided that you’re interested in finding a partner for a serious relationship, don’t waste your time on people who are only interested in casual encounters. Take full advantage of that “looking for” section of your dating profile, and tell other members what you want, and who you would like to meet. Don’t be embarrassed, or afraid to put yourself out there! It might be opening yourself up to possible rejection, but if you don’t take that risk, the chances of you also reaping the rewards also go down!

Fill Out Your Profile Properly. People are scanning through dozens of profiles, and if yours is almost empty, people are going to ignore it and move on. You have to take the time and effort to fill it out if you want people to stop and go through your profile. Personalize it; don’t only write things you think people want to hear. Stay away from generic cliches, and most importantly be genuine! This is the place to talk about who you are, and what you like to do.
Don’t be embarrassed to talk about your disability, or a post a picture of yourself in a wheelchair or with crutches. If someone can’t look past the fact that you have a disability, that isn’t the kind of person you want to be dating in the first place. Posting a picture ties your whole profile together and makes it seem a lot more personal. Make sure your photo looks like you, that you’re smiling in it, and you are the only one in the frame.

Using a Dating Service. If you’re worried about using a dating site because of your disability, you should know that there are websites out there that are specifically for people with disabilities, like Dating4Disabled. If you feel like giving up on online dating, or even dating in general, because you are worried about when, and how to share with people the fact that you have a disability, you should consider using a website that is only for people with disabilities. Moreover, you may even prefer to date someone else who has also been through similar experiences and challenges.

Be Positive. Tell people what you are looking for, not what you aren’t. The more positive language you use when describing yourself and who you are, the more messages you will receive. People who only talk about what they don’t want are less likely to receive messages.

Be Active. The point of online dating is to be active! If you sit around waiting for people to find your profile and to make the first move, you may be disappointed. Look through other’s profiles, send them messages, start chatting to other members - only that way will you improve your chances of finding someone!

Personalize your Messages. Don’t just send out messages like “hey” or “wasup?” Or a generic sounding template - people can tell! Send out conversation starters: ask questions, and show the person whom you are messaging that you read their profile, and never mention their physical appearance (even if it’s a compliment). Asking questions allows the person you messaged an opportunity to reply and keep the conversation flowing. Also, a good message shouldn’t be too short, but it shouldn’t be too long either - a paragraph will do.

Manage your Expectations.  There can be a million reasons why someone didn’t reply to your message. Send messages to a few people you like, and if they don’t reply, find more profiles you fancy. Part of online dating is patience! Not everyone will reply, so if someone doesn’t, don’t take it to heart, move on.

Be Choosey. If you go out with anyone and everyone who asks, you will very quickly get bitter and fed up with the whole thing. Only agree to go on dates with people you genuinely feel you have a connection with, and something in common. Take a little time to get to know them online before agreeing to meet up in person.

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