The Only Disability in Life is a Bad Attitude?

In my daily readings, I recently came across this quote from Scott Hamilton: “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” As a person with a disability, I reposted it, thinking to myself, “Wow. How true is that?” My outlook on life is that “attitude is everything.” I know many people who are perfectly able-bodied, but have a bad attitude, causing them to miss out on all of life’s positive opportunities and thus, “disabling” them in life.

I believe that each of us is as limitless as we allow ourselves to be, in spite of physical limitations or disabilities we may have. After my repost of the quote, the response and feedback I received from my followers was quite varied and a little unexpected I admit. Yet, at the same time, it sparked my interest in how other people, both differently-abled and able-bodied, view disability and how they interpret the meaning of this quote.
What are your thoughts?

Erika BoganErika Bogan, Ms. Wheelchair America 2010

Social Media Manager, Disability Today Network