Access Vancouver

I love Vancouver and want to live here. The sustainable design of the city filled with friendly, diverse people makes it a model city of the future. From a postman to a Muslim businessman, I had the pleasure of really talking with a several locals, all warm, welcoming and just a joy to be around.

What is it about this city that makes people so happy here? Perhaps, its the clean air. Vancouver does a stellar job integrating plants with urban life. All around the city you see people with plants on their porches, roof-top gardens that will include large trees or even grass all over the roof.

There are also countless parks, community gardens and small courtyards on the ground floor of the city for all to enjoy and benefit from. The people of Vancouver without a doubt value their natural environment. The Native Americans of this land are very involved and their presence is felt throughout many areas of society, including of course the preservation of nature.

The lush city is able to maintain its stature due to the consistent rain fall throughout almost the entire year. June to September are the most promising months for sunny days but there are no guarantees. There is great beauty in the rain and but as one local said, “When it’s sunny here; it’s like magic.” I was blessed to experience such days and couldn’t agree more.

Vancouver is accessible. Home to `Stanley Park, Grouse Mountain, Whistler (the site of the 2010 Winter Paralympics), Chinatown and great shopping it has a lot to offer. For the full details of accessible destinations in Vancouver click here.