After an invigorating weekend at the Los Angeles Abilities Expo, the TravelinWheels team headed south to San Diego for an accessibility site visit. San Diego has always been on my bucket list of places to visit. Excellent weather, the beautiful ocean views, and lots of family activities are a draw to millions of visitors every year, and everyone who has been there has raved about it.

While we at TravelinWheels promote travel at your own pace, with confidence, by providing Accessibility Guides and the opportunity to book your own accessible lodging, we know that there are times when you may prefer to use a travel agent to handle all the details of lodging, transportation, tours, etc.

Two hours south of Los Angeles and into the Mojave Desert are the areas of Palm Springs and Palm Desert. It’s an oasis of golf courses, tennis courts, spa resorts, shopping and fine dining.

Ah, the mystique of Key West... Hemingway's Hangout and Buffet's Margaritaville have intrigued and entertained travelers for decades. I was, of course, curious about another aspect of this hedonistic wonderland... Is it accessible?

San Francisco has always been one of my favorite cities in the world. Its neighborhoods, restaurants, friendly people, and the lovely bay have drawn me, time and time again. This trip was no exception, and I was amazed to realize that on this particular trip, I would discover things about the city and its accessibility that I hadn't seen before.

For years, wheelchair users have felt like second-class citizens when it comes to traveling. It had reached the point where a lot of people felt trapped in their homes, or dependent on other people in order to just get out and shop for groceries, or other mundane tasks that able-bodied people take for granted.

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