Project Angel Fares is committed to providing individuals with special needs and their families a chance to travel and enjoy a weekend at Morgan's Wonderland, and San Antonio, Texas, an opportunity they wouldn't otherwise have seen as possible.

After a summer off, going back to school can be a shift. It is perfectly normal to feel some anxiety because of all the new things ahead - new teachers, new classmates, new tasks and new challenges. Here are some tips to help you get back in the groove:

Being a mom is a challenging role for anyone. Add having a disability to the mix and the adventure has just begun. Getting to know how your limitations are going to affect your ability to parent and finding out what's available to help you get the job done combined are like solving a puzzle. Then once the baby arrives, you have to get adjusted to him or her at each stage of life, all the while finding ways to meet the everyday challenges of parenting.

National Public Radio has released a new app to help parents and other find accessible playgrounds nationwide. The Playgrounds for Everyone desktop and mobile app maps more than 1,300 venues designed for kids with disabilities, with features like smooth surfaces, swings with backs or safety harnesses, ramps to allow children to access play towers and slides, or sound-play features like drums or chimes.