Tips for Going Back to School

After a summer off, going back to school can be a shift. It is perfectly normal to feel some anxiety because of all the new things ahead - new teachers, new classmates, new tasks and new challenges. Here are some tips to help you get back in the groove:

Set up a Routine

You can create checklists, flowcharts or write in a planner to keep yourself organized and on schedule. Some high schools, colleges and universities have their own student planners. You can write anything you want in it: deadlines for tests and assignments, appointments, time with friends and anything else that will help you.


Start your back to school shopping early to avoid the rush. Make a list of what you need before you go out. And while you are out, plan to buy something that is fun and you will enjoy.

Planning and preparing

Create or find a comfortable study space and make it your own. You might want to put your favourite chair in there and other special supplies.

Need a break from studying? Extracurricular activities are a great way to meet people and discover your interests. But make sure you can fit them into your schedule so you don't get overwhelmed. Overall, remember to take care of yourself. Get plenty of rest and eat a balanced diet. Also think about how you deal with stress. Do you like to exercise or write in a journal? Do you like to go out with friends? Don't wait until you get overwhelmed before you plan how you will deal with it.And before you get too far into the year, don't let your summer memories fade away. Remember and celebrate all the great things you did. 

Sarah Evans

Sarah Evans