Paddle Barbados is the one-stop-shop for everything surfing, paddle boarding and kayaking in Barbados. Owners Jason and Sarah Cole are committed to offering their lessons and tours to all, and very proud of their company’s accessibility for people with disabilities. Their inclusionary approach extends to their variety of rental equipment, which includes an accessible water chair. Located at the Barbados Cruising Club. Bridgetown.

As the chill in the air envelops us, we dream of warm destinations where we can relax and enjoy the warmth of the sun. I think back to my travels to Barbados. My first visit to the magical island was remarkable, as I felt like a princess! The people were so warm and welcoming! I remember having a cooking demonstration with a local woman who wanted me to see how she made curry! The best part of Barbados is the people… continuously smiling!

Aimed at making each day out worry-free, all attractions featured in the Rough Guide to Accessible Britain have been assessed in detail by the Rough Guides team of reviewers, who either have a disability themselves or visited the attraction with a disabled friend or relative.

Accessible tourism has finally come to Venice thanks to a private-public project. Until now the gondolas were not accessible to people using wheelchairs.

Are you a wheelchair user and want to learn about the process of traveling by plane before you take off for the first time? Or perhaps you’re a frequent flier and would just like to learn how to make the process easier for future flights?

Planning a winter getaway is always extremely fun. That is, it’s extremely fun right up until the point when you realize that your destination is not quite as accessible as you thought it was when you booked it. Allow me to offer a bit of help.

Brightly coloured ramps are popping up all over Toronto and throughout the province of Ontario. Stop Gap Ramps is the brainchild of Luke Anderson, a wheelchair user since becoming a quadriplegic at the age of twenty-four. Anderson says his frustration “boiled over” after realizing that lack of accessibility is a “pandemic issue” in not only the city of Toronto, but across the country.

Ecuador is a truly magical place.  It is located only 4 hours from Miami, on the northwest corner of South America, situated between Peru and Colombia.  From the beautiful sandy beaches of the Pacific Coast to the tropical jungle of the Amazon rainforest, Ecuador is place like no other. 

From classic sweets to the most sophisticated city author creations, this tour goes through the streets of Barcelona for its sweet participants to enjoy the city specialities while getting to know the city. The chocolate will receive special attention. Barcelona was one of the main gateways of cocoa from America and is currently one of the world capitals of chocolate. Schedule your tour with Barcelona Zero Limits.

Travel Tips for Wheelchair Users.

While traveling can be exciting and a lot of of fun, it’s not always the smoothest process. Add a wheelchair into the mix and you’re sure to have at least an occasional challenge or two. However, with a little preparation and some experience it becomes easier, and hey, you can even enjoy a few perks. Here are some tips for wheelchair-users traveling independently on airplanes.

Quick update from the Riviera Maya... Besides the classics of Chichen Itza, Tulum, Xcaret theme park and Xel-Ha aquatic park, Project Mayan Encounter has just designed two more daytrips that can be explored by wheelchair or scooter:

At 16 years old, I was a thrill-seeking teenager who thought that jumping out of an airplane would fulfill my lust for adventure. As fate would have it, my first jump proved to be my last as two malfunctioning parachutes had me plummet 3,000 feet, leaving quite a dent in a farmer’s field, not to mention what it did to the rest of me.