Spotlight on Ecuador

Ecuador is a truly magical place.  It is located only 4 hours from Miami, on the northwest corner of South America, situated between Peru and Colombia.  From the beautiful sandy beaches of the Pacific Coast to the tropical jungle of the Amazon rainforest, Ecuador is place like no other.  Enjoy the stunning scenery while traveling through the Andes to see one of the highest active volcanoes in the world, Cotopaxi Volcano.  Go island hopping through the Galapagos Islands to get both an educational and wildlife filled adventure.  Ecuador is so diverse you will truly experience a little bit of everything.

While in Ecuador, you will get a chance to see some amazing creatures. Interact with many different indigenous communities throughout the Andes and the Amazon.  Stop by local markets and pick up one of a kind hand made pieces or some of the local oyster mushrooms.  Stand at the Middle of the World monument, Mitad del Mundo, that is located literally on the equator so you can actually jump from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere.  Take a cable cart ride through waterfalls or raft down the Amazon River. 

Our partners, South America for All, are dedicating to making South America just that, for all.  With years of experience, trained staff, local knowledge, and a vast network of contacts throughout the region, they have been able to make specifically designed tours that are much more accessible.

South America for All works with you according to your needs to give you a specialized trip.  They find accessible accommodation, adapt transportation to meet your needs, and know accessible routes along the way so everyone can have that once in a lifetime experience.  They have trained staff working with each individual with a special need for a safe trip.  They have accessible trips through the Amazon, Andes, as well as the Galapagos Islands.  Should you have a hearing impairment, they can provide either an ASL interpreter or FM transmitters. You too can raft down the Amazon River, experience the beautiful scenery of the Andes, barter with the locals, kayak with the marine life in the Galapagos, and have an enjoyable and accessible trip.

If you are in the continental U.S. and require oxygen to travel to Ecuador we have portable oxygen concentrators that are approved for air travel.  Give SNG a call at 800.513.4515 for details.

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