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Understanding disability isn’t about training. It’s about familiarity. It’s about an introduction and a conversation. With that, comfort, competence and confidence generally follows. Mindset is an online e-learning module series that not only educates, but entertains too… content which encourages engagement and learning.
Hosted by Jeff Tiessen, renowned Paralympian, publisher and presenter, and an amputee of 45 years, mindset shares lived experiences from other highly-regarded advocates with disabilities as well. With an authentic perspective on disability, this compelling “awareness” production steers clear of conventional “rules and requirements” and “Thou Shall and Shalt Nots” boiler plates.

Diversity and Inclusion Education Modules

Employee Education

Designed to influence corporate culture and allyship, this module normalizes differences through authentic lived experiences of leading advocates with disabilities. Myths, misconceptions and stereotypes are dispelled with common sense scenarios served up with plenty of candour and humour.

Students and Educators

In the spirit of quality experiential education, this classroom module takes students and educators on an informative journey into diversity and inclusion through a litany of frequently asked questions of youth with disabilities with answers, in their voice, guiding new understandings, and new mindsets.

Sports & Activity Professionals

Drawing from the experiences of experts at all levels of adapted sport and activity - from coaches to coordinators, parents to participants - this module frames inclusion from a practical and meaningful perspective, replacing "inspiration" with "aspiration", and emphasizing collaboration as a key cog for success.

Healthcare Providers

Preconceived notions are part and parcel of many professions. This e-learning series emphasizes the power of diverse and inclusive strategies and solutions for the patient and the practitioner. Advocates give voice to healthy outcomes brought on by shelving assumptions and stale language.
“So well produced. Such a positive spirit and totally upbeat mood you created! So entertaining, so powerful, so good. Jeff, you are a stellar host… you should have your own talk show on CBC!” 
Rem Langan, COO, Parachute Canada

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