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This is a fine and nuanced point to be aware of when marketing to disabled consumers. If it's "buy this", it's advertising, if it's "think this", it's activism.
Understanding perspective is critical when crafting a message intended to reach disabled consumers and allies.
There are very few things more important to a disabled person than their equipment. Oxygen, food, medication... This is where advertising can enable positive change. Say no to mock stock.
I recently read a study from England that said disabled people are still being marginalized by negative public attitudes – with a quarter (26%) of Brits admitting that they have avoided conversations with disabled people.
So moody and evocative... the sun flare adds nuance to the setting, the long shadow hinting at the dawn of a new day free from disability. Someone has overcome. Do you feel it?
Inspiring and profound or a demeaning trope? Hint - it's the second one. There's far too much to disability to dismiss it with such a simplistic, shallow concept.